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Patrick & Nyima
with Simba

The strongest bond between us is our ever-growing love for Lapland. In 2017 we were able to buy a beautiful cottage at Lake Inari and from then on we spent every free holiday time here in Lapland.

This barren and yet beautiful nature captivated us so much that we moved our centre of life from Switzerland to Ivalo/Inari in November 2020. Our vision is to share this nature experience with you. Lapland offers endless opportunities for people who like to spend time in nature.

Almost endless possibilities far away from hectic, traffic and everyday life.



Video portrait 2021

The project.

We are creating a new, for us and hopefully for you, magical place in Ivalo. Our three cottages «Tuli», «Tähti» and «Aurinko». are being built directly at Rahajärvi (lake). They stand for fire, star and sun. Since 22.02.2022, you will be able to spend an unforgettable time here directly at Lake Rahajärvi.

Time to come to rest, to experience the unique nature, endless landscapes and great adventures.

With us, the human being and nature are in harmony and we make it possible for you to book these cottages. To enjoy this space of time and peace. Yes, to experience the magic of Lapland.

Cottage N°1


Our first cottage represents the element of fire. Fire glows and is hot. It is cheerful and lively. Stands for passion, joy and dynamism.

«Tuli» was completed in February 2022 and is now available for booking. Further information can be found here.

Status: Completed


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