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Just be.

Of course, recovery should not be missed out during your visit to Lake Rahajärvi. With our "Relax" facilities, we create plenty of space and time for you to simply unwind. Enjoy the peace and quiet in the middle of nature. In our cottage. Time for body and soul.

We have listed the possibilities that await you here and are included in a booking of our cottage.

Included in the
Cottage «Tuli»

Indoor sauna

Electric with separate shower.
Comfortable. Practical. Relaxing. Soothing.

Large sun terrace, 59.4 m2

View of lake and nature. Eat, drink and enjoy. Invites you to sunbathe. Perfect for Yoga, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and meditation sessions. 15.4m2 of which is covered.

Outdoor sauna with wood-burning stove

Traditional Finnish. Cozy. Pure relaxation. Crackling and warmth of the fire. View of the lake.

Heated wardrobe in outdoor sauna

Comfortable. Practical. Good.

Finnish shower in outdoor sauna

Traditional Finnish. Unique shower feeling with mix of cold/hot water.

Birch tassel (for outdoor sauna)

Traditional Finnish. Soothing. Massage effect. Relaxes the muscles. Relieves tension. Stimulates circulation.

Hot tub

Year-round outdoor bathing pleasure. Electric. Pure relaxation. Perfect with a cool beer or glass of champagne. Unique marvelling at natural spectacles directly from the hot tub (Aurora Borealis, midnight sun, starry sky, shooting stars).

Bathing in Rahajärvi

Refreshing. Cooling after a sauna or hot tub. Clear and very clean water. Only a few steps away (approx. 80 metres).

Small sandy beach

In close proximity. Public. Small but nice. Grill area.


Deckchairs. Bathrobes. Towels.

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