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Our Cottages

Norlight is a unique place in the midst of Lapland's nature.

Our holiday cottages are located near Ivalo in the northern part of Finland.

Right by Lake Rahajärvi, you will find our centerpiece - the cottage «Tuli» - as well as our two beloved souls - the cottages «Aurinko West» and «Aurinko East». They offer you an unforgettable time right in the heart of nature.

It's a time to find peace, experience the unique nature, vast landscapes, and great adventures.

At Norlight, we strive for harmony between humans and nature, and we provide you the opportunity to book these cottages. Enjoy this space of time and tranquility, and yes, experience the magic of Lapland.


Cottage N°1

The centerpiece


«Tuli» stands for fire.

Since February 2022, our largest cottage and the centerpiece of Norlight.

Amidst nature, right by the lake. With everything the Scandinavian heart desires. Breathtaking tranquility and plenty of space for relaxation.

Cottage N°2 + N°3

The good souls

West & East

«Aurinko» stands for the sun.


Our two new cottages have been ready since September 2023 for an unforgettable time.


Both «Aurinkos» cottages are also located right by the lake and are designed to be cozy and compact.


Both cottages have access to a shared outdoor sauna.

Ready for you
Norlight Cottages

Book your unforgettable vacation time with us in Lapland.

Our cottages are ready to fulfill your personal wishes. Whether you prefer complete privacy and spaciousness or a cozy and compact setting, whether you're a couple, a whole family, or a group of friends - Norlight is your perfect place.

Let us make this time a reality together with you.

Send us your non-binding booking inquiry.

We will get back to you.

Norlight Cottages

Experience with us.

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